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When mentoring with science truly grows you & your business.. 
With us, the person really does because of our systematic and scientific approach is transformational.

Why You Can Experience Real Transformation and Become A "Fixer Upper of People!"

After 25 years of helping people and companies, I simply ask them why they continue to ask for my help.  The comments go from: "I never knew what transformation could be like until you started working with my team and me!"  "Your leadership sessions are simply inspiring and packed full of practical ideas to put into practice right now.  They really have transformed me as a leader."  "Your style of coaching teaches me to see the unseen and your direct approach with creative suggestions is what makes you the best."  "As a leader of a public company, I trust you because you are so genuine and your insights for strategy and people are so right on.  That is why I tell you I need my "Robb fix!"  Recently, a team referred to me as the HGTV show for business except they said I was the "People Fixer Upper."  (I think Chip and Joanna Gaines on the Fixer Upper are far better, but I am humbled and thankful to be of service!)

Lastly, I recently received this text from a CEO after giving real time advice to a touch situation in which much anguish had drained the energy of this executive.  "Your advice was right on.  I HAD A GREAT CONVERSATION WITH MY EXECUTIVE THIS AFTERNOON!  I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH.  THANKS."

​I appreciate what John Wooden said as the coach of the century for the UCLA basketball team.


You will do that with our systematic approach.

“Don’t worry about whether you are better than someone else, but never cease to be the best you can become.  You have control over that.”

- John Wooden

“Success is always attained when defined correctly, that is, as making the effort to do the best of which you are capable.”

- John Wooden

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