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"In many ways, in facing death I became MORE ALIVE."

-Robb Hiller

As a CEO with success in building an organization and helping others for over 25 years...Leadership Is Not A Title, It’s An Attitude...

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Robb is a well known expert and has written two books with the largest private publisher in the world — Tyndale Publishing.

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Award Winner of Prestigious Bill Bonnestter Lifetime Achievement - Top Professional

"Inspirational Speaking" 


Overcome Any Adversity - The Miracle of No Cancer

Become a Natural Like Bentley

Transform Anything With Power of 3 Coaching!

I truly believe we all have a purpose. Most of us never discover how exciting our work can and will be until we grab hold of our "natural God given gifts and take action."  I believe you can be better even if you are at the top of ladder.   In fact, there are many cases where leaders with a “title” have reached a place in their journey where they really can benefit from another look at their many gifts. 

  • Putting the "right talent in the right job" is the first step in achieving great success.

  • Knowing your talent and being a "natural" is one of the next keys...Be like Bentley (my British Lab)

  • You really do need the "why" of your company.  This is sometimes referred to as the vision of the company and is like "oxygen" for the soul.

  • Successful teams and organizational development comes from a belief that together we can have incredible success with an "abundance mentality."  It isn't necessary to degrade others, just become the "best" and love the customer.

  • I believe every person/company I end up working with is a "Gift" and I treat this honor as a I would my "best friend."  I am all in! This means thinking of how to help beyond the 8-5 day, phone calls at 8 PM if needed and giving honest feedback with solutions that work.



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