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  • Robb Hiller

Good is the Enemy of the Great!

When you really want to know if your strategy is great, just ask a sampling of your customers to describe how they feel about you or your company. An even quicker way is to ask your own people in the various departments how they think they are doing. When you hear this phrase or words below, watch out. Your competitors are probably on their way to making inroads.  "WE ARE NOT DOING TOO BAD," OR, "WE ARE DECENT, NOT BAD," OR, "WE ARE PRETTY GOOD." These are all warning signals. Do you want your customers to "LOVE" YOUR COMPANY, or just think you are "pretty good or decent?"  The answer lies in a leadership trait you must remind yourself and your team of every week.  Good is the enemy of the great. People "love" great companies because they have the attitude of bringing greatness to everything they do.   So, check your strategy and if it isn't to be great, call up Woolworths or Montgomery Ward or the countless other companies who no longer have a telephone number. It is "out of service" because they had a lousy strategy with the wrong focus. 

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